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【Shaping Collective Memory In Advertisements】

Aligning products with collective memory, like well-known characters, would help people to remember your products faster, in this case, Sentai.

Swipe Ranger is introduced, including six characters representing each series of products based on their colors and functions. To level up the plan, we sent out Swipe Ranger to visit different areas in Hong Kong physically, and attracted more public attention.

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【Resonance leads to Engagement – IKEA】
Resonance is an essential key to engage your audiences. When your feeds share the same “wavelength” and values, the audiences would be willing to express opinions by tagging their friends or leaving comments on social media platforms.

IKEA, a well-known multinational furniture brand, always applies the personification techniques to evoke their emotions to interactions by linking the unique selling points of their products and particular cultures in different countries or areas.

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Super Super Congee & Noodles

【Attract new customers by the sense of Humor】

Bring new vigor and vitality into Super Super Congee & Noodles to attract new segments of customers.

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Mitsubishi Electric

【Japanese Style in a local way】

Made in Japan is a key factor to attract local customers.

Mixing the Japanese Style (Blue, White Balance) with the local content or Hot Topics to attract the attention of the target audience.

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Ngong Ping 360

【Creative Content for Social Media】

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T.O.P. This is Our Place

【The Synergy Effects brought by Social Media】
1+1 = 3 ?

Offline Marketing can bring firsthand experience to the audience, which makes it memorable. But meanwhile, the event’s venue is limiting and narrowing the information flow.

How about resolving with social media marketing? Promoting offline events to a broad base audience via social media can get our audience to check themselves in the events. Brought another tier of the audience to the event passively with the word-of-mouth & viral effects.

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American Tourister

【Placement of Social Media Ads】
When is the last time you changed your social media ads? For each occasion, thematic campaign is set up, with specified offers and design. Choices of marketing platforms should also change depending on audience’s usage.

On our social media planning project for American Tourister, 20% of the sales came from Instagram. There is no constant formula that fits for all. To unlock new business opportunities, adjustments according to audience’s interests in terms of visuals, copies, format, etc. are necessary.

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【Mining the Real Audience】To identify the real audience, we get back to basics. We went to the mall at different times, days and occasions and discovered that the core audience is PARENTS.

When was your last story time? Definitely when you were still a child, right? To create a comfort hub for our audience, we integrated fairy tales with the promotional messages of the mall as our contents. “It’s Story Time! “

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【Seeping into Daily Life】
Considering a brand mainly selling travel products, how to build a closer relationship with your audience? Seeping into the audience’s daily life. We designed WhatsApp sticker pack for Samsonite, with the mascot and interesting festive greetings that allow everyone to share with friends and family. Increasing the exposure rate of your brand content in daily life, bury a seed in potential customer’s heart, so that they would instantly think of you when they need a travel product.

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【Interactions from Messenger Bot】
Want to increase interaction with your audience in a simple and cost-effective way? Messenger bot marketing can be utilised to create interactive games with your audience, by automating conversations for you 24/7.

The key is to generate a strong motive for the audience to comment. How often do you see posts of 12 zodiac signs online and wonder what it reveals about you? LongChamp chatbot (Messenger Bot) is formed with the concept of 12 zodiac signs, to tell the audience which product is the best for each sign.